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For every new mum, colic sounds an alarm bell. Nearly 40% of all babies experience colic. A new born baby typically starts experiencing colic from 3 weeks and might continue till 4 to 6 months. When you have no one around to explain why your baby is crying it can be overwhelming to a new mum. Don’t be! Colic is far too common to be stressful about.


What is colic?


Colic is a condition that causes pain in the gastrointestinal tract of a baby. It is characterized with prolonged crying. A baby would be well fed, well slept, have a clean diaper and yet cry for hours. Such kind of sudden bouts of crying are usually experienced in the evening. Colic could be the result of gassiness, irritable stomach, allergy or acid reflux. Another reason could be that the baby needs comforting. In the initial months outside the womb, baby needs a lot of comforting.


The good news here is that colic is temporary. As the baby increases its physical activities colic subsides.


However till then managing an incessantly crying baby can get overwhelming. Today I am going to share 5 best ways to sooth a baby with colic.


 Tummy Time

If you suspect that your baby has colic, try changing its position. Keep your baby on its tummy on your legs. Stretch your legs, and lay the baby on its tummy. Such tummy time helps in relieving the gases. It also let’s babies stretch and work on their shoulder and neck muscles making them strong. Many a times, activities like stretching their legs, rocking the baby, letting them suck their fingers too help. Tummy time usually sees vigorous activity by the baby and this helps in easing colic.


 Warm Oil Massage


Take some oil, preferably a light, quick absorbent  oil in your palms  and rub your palms together to  warm it. Gently massage the baby on its tummy and back. Stretch the arms and legs slightly while massaging. Such massage soothes the baby and helps comfort it. It also creates a bond between the mum and the baby. The massage also acts as an exercise for the baby.


Burping the baby after feed

After every feed remember to burp the baby and release any piled up gases. Burping helps in releasing the trapped air that the baby sucks while feeding. If the baby is not burped, then these gases could irritate the baby’s delicate stomach. It might also cause reflux.


Soothing sounds

Colicky baby is usually agitated. Soothing repetitive sounds could help distract the baby and thereby relieve it of discomfort. Babies are known to like repetitive sounds like that of water, fan, hair dryer and even a vacuum cleaner. Find out the kind of sound your baby gets distracted with. Many a times sounds that babies enjoy, will create movement in them. This again helps in relieving gases.

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Using Mother Sparsh tummy roll on

Mother Sparsh tummy roll-on is a hundred percent Ayurvedic product that is known to help provide relief to colic baby. The key ingredients in this roll-on are hing oil, pudina oil, sauf oil, sonth oil and sova oil. These oils have been traditionally shared as grannies tips for relieving reflux, constipation, stomach bloating, colic etc.  As the product is hundred percent Ayurvedic and herbal it is totally safe to administer to small babies. It is to be applied externally on the stomach around navel area hence there is no worry about administering it. We don’t want our tiny babies to be exposed to too many chemicals and #MotherSparsh roll-on is the perfect answer for it. The product is completely herbal and has no chemicals in it. For more details you can visit and buy it from

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These are a few tips from me for new moms or moms of a colicky baby. Did you use any of it and found it helpful? Do share your experiences in the comments below. If you have some other tips that have been effective for your babies, share them and we will all learn something new!

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