Adoption in India is becoming more acceptable. Earlier there were preconceived notions about the process and that deterred many from choosing to adopt. However, now with better information, awareness and openness among families, adoption is not a taboo in India.

A substantial number of families are registering for adoption in India and this is not just because of infertility and the costs involved in it. There is a growing trend of families with biological children adopting a child too.

Even in the pandemic there were 3142 in-country adoptions and 417 inter-country adoptions.

However, there are a lot of beliefs or wrong notions in India pertaining to adoption. I am sure most of you must have received a forward about some child who needs to be adopted as his/her parents have died because of COVID. As a concerned human, you might have shared it in other groups as well. However THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO GO ABOUT ADOPTION.

Laws for Adoption in India

All adoptions in India are handled by the nodal agency CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority)

The legal aspects of adoption are regulated in India under two major regulations. There are a few regulations set by the Adoption Regulations 2017, which are in accordance with Juvenile Justice Act 2015, issued by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

  1. The prospective parents must be physically, mentally and emotionally stable.
  2. A single female or male can adopt, irrespective of their marital status, however a male is not eligible to adopt a girl child.
  3. A couple with a minimum two years of stable marital relationship is eligible to adopt.
  4. Couples with three or more children are not eligible for adoption except in case of special needs children, “hard to place children”, relative adoption or step-parent adoption.
Adoption in India and things one should know before considering it

The process for adoption is pretty streamlined and not like it is shown in movies or serials. Instead of listening to others, if you are thinking of adopting in India, do talk to adoption agencies to get the correct information. Do not fall for sob stories as you might end up following an illegal route to adoption. This is not just dangerous but can be emotionally taxing for both you and the child.

Apart from the legal aspects, it is important to understand your family’s readiness before going ahead with adoption.

Are you ready to adopt? Self Reflect before you act

Adopting a child is not a charity but an important and serious responsibility. Consider sensitizing the family members about the matter and ensure that all of you are on the same page, before making this decision.

Talk to a counsellor if needed and try and understand the possible emotional support that the child might need from you and your family.

Adopt a child only when you are financially and emotionally ready to take on the responsibility.

This post is written for information purpose. I have conducted research from my end before writing this post, however before making any decision it is important to talk to an expert like a social worker from an adoption agency or visit the CARA website for more information.

18 Replies to “Important things to know before considering adoption in India”

  1. Adoption is a big step in a couple’s life and their mental and emotional readiness is very important. They are on the path of giving a child a new home and for this they need to have all the information.

  2. One of my friend has adopted a girl child few years ago and I had seen her journey and got to know that it is not as easy as seems. you have included many important points in this post regarding adoption procedure in India. indeed a helpful and informative post.

  3. We have a family member who adopted a child and through them I got to know that there is a process of protocols which needs to be followed and I’m happy that you have shared this.

  4. This is such a helpful post for all the folks who want to be parents soon via adoption. A closed family member is considering adoption and I am gonna share this with her . Worthy article

  5. Adoption is a big responsibility and a lifetime of commitment. Those who are thinking of adoption and giving a home to a kid must qualify all criteria as you have mentioned. They also need to be mentally and emotionally ready to shoulder the responsibility.

  6. Adoption is not easy. My friend has adopted her baby 3 years back and it was a tough journey for her. It takes a lot of time to complete all the formalities

  7. Your post reminded me of a new Bollywood movie on adoption called Mimi. After watching the movie, it appeared that still there are so many homeless, orphaned children in our country. And that many people, including foreigners, want to give these children a home and a deserving chance at life. Hats off to such people!

  8. Thanks for writing on such an important topic. Few years back one of my friend were looking for adoption and finding difficult to get information. Your post can help many.

  9. I was also not much aware of the entire process of Adoption in our country. However a few years ago one of my friends had adopted the child and that’s when I got to know the criticalities of this.

    This post is really helpful for many people who are looking to adopt a child.

  10. Adoption requires a thorough counselling of both the parents, prior the procedure. The procedure also take quite some time and a lot of things are being considered by officials, including thorough investigation. Very helpful post

  11. This is such a welcoming thing to note that adoption is getting more acceptance in India now. Thanks for sharing the rules related to it. I had read somewhere that if only orphan kids make a country they will be one of the most populated nations of the world. And of course I strongly feel every child needs a family.

  12. Adoption laws are tricky and one must understand the process well before going for it. Your post throws light about all the important things one must know.

  13. This is such a helpful post for someone who is looking to adopt. Adoption is a big lengthy process and it is always better that all sides are considered while adopting. Very nicely explained.

  14. I know few people who have adopted kids and it is a bit of lengthy process with paperwork and all. Yes there are set rules for adoption and I was aware about most of them. It’s a great thing to give a good life to someone who needs it and j feel really proud of couples who choose adoption.

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