It is almost summer again, and the memories of last year are still fresh in our minds. The last year, especially the summers when traditionally children are out having fun with their friends or enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities, were confined indoors because of coronavirus. The effects of the outbreak had a direct impact on children’s fun and outdoor activities. With nearly a year of being cooped up in the house, it is time for children to feel free and have fun again.

The availability of vaccines and the overall reduction in cases have emboldened me to let my children venture out and have fun. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing their sulking faces and the foregone look that they have when looking out over the balcony. Covid impacted their free spirit, interpersonal skills and overall development with no outdoor activity and no contact and intimacy with friends. But this summer we can hope to see normalcy return with caution.

I say with caution because we cannot let our guard down, but we can certainly start moving towards a near normal future. Apart from the regular sanitization requirements–Mask–Sanitize and Socially distant, I have recently shifted to plant based natural home care products from Puer which are not just gentle on the environment and health but are extremely effective against dust, dirt, grime and germs.

home care products made from natural ingredients, made in India sustainable products.

Summer holiday’s regularly mean the following in the house :

Playing a lot of outdoor and contact sports

This summer I am going to be calmer when they mess up their hands and bring dirty shoes to the house. I want them to play cricket and basketball, something both my kids love but couldn’t play because of contact sport restrictions. Their refusal to come home will not irk me but bring a smile on my face. I want them to play in the sand with no worries about dirtying their hands. I want them to be worry-free because after playtime I will ensure that they wash their hands with a natural handwash and clean my floors with excellent quality floor cleaners.

Mango Mess and my laundry cleaning

Kids look forward to the mango season all year round. Fresh ripe mangoes are shopped by the boxes and polished off with equal zeal. Mango eating competitions are a regular between my kids, and the one thing I hate about it is the way these kids invariably mess their clothes! Mango stains are hard to remove and so I make it a point that children are protecting their clothes well when having these mango competitions.

I heard of a new range of products called Puer with a gambit of natural ingredients. The label looked promising and so I tried their laundry detergent. Puer liquid detergent was powerful and I found it to be strong enough to handle such tough stains.

In the upcoming season, I plan to bring mangoes and have these mango competitions regularly, just to see the joy on their faces.

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen

Another thing that gets my kids crazy is kid’s day in the kitchen. In summers they keep experimenting and come up with a variety of cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, shakes and more. It thrills them to cook something on their own and serve it up to the family members. While it is a noble thought, the mess that is left in its wake is something that scares me. The sink is usually brimming with dirty dishes and pots and pans. A natural dish wash gel that protects my hands while being an effective cleaning solution is perfect for such times. I will be trying Puer’s natural dish wash gel next, as it claims to not leave any chemical residue on the plates or utensils – it means the dishes are truly clean and safe.

As a mom, earlier I would hate it when kids made a mess of their clothes or waltzed into the house sweaty and dirty and plonked in front of the TV sets. But now, with suitable home and hygiene products to my rescue, I really don’t mind any of it. Plus, if this last year has taught me anything, it is to count my blessings, be grateful for what I have and live life in the moment.

19 Replies to “It is time for kids to be messy and free again!”

  1. I agree, kids had no option than to stay indoors but now when people have taking small steps towards returning to their normal lives, it is. okay to let kids step out while following all the necessary precautions. When we have good and reliable home care produces, then half of the tension is gone.

  2. Yes I am also tired to see my girls stay indoor and having no or less outdoor fun. as a parent, we all want their happy faces by doing the things they loved to do. thanks a lot for sharing about puer products. seems they had great quality cleaning and household products, will explore their products from my side for sure.

  3. This time kids have to stay indoor and we need to give the liberty to go little messy and let them enjoy their creativity and fun time during this summer.

  4. I feel bad that my kiddo has to stay indoor and have less outdoor time. Thanks for sharing about the puer products this seems to be excellent in quality and for cleaning

  5. Home care products like detergents can cause issues, especially when they are loaded with chemicals. Products that are nature-based are the best as they are safer.

  6. With kids stuck at home we should definitely allow them to get messy. And right products like detergents and cleaners are indeed important. I m surely checking out the products you recommended

  7. Your post is such a blessing in disguise. My wife was just asking for natural home care products yesterday and voila, there came your post. Plant based natural home care products from Puer are the actual gamechangers. Even we prefer products that don’t harm the environment or health but are extremely effective against dust, dirt, grime, and germs.

  8. The product seems really helpful. This time is especially useful for every mother because our children are imprisoned in the house and many of their activities are such that they make the house, clothes and themselves dirty.

  9. Products which are naturally based are good to use. Thanks for introducing me to this product. I am going to check this products

  10. I totally agree with you summers bring in lot of love and fun in the house. While mangoes are most loved by all of us but I always dread the dirty laundry followed by a session of mango eating. However, since we have good personal care and home care products it has become easier to manage things at home.

  11. I am also using some of Puer products and found them to be so good. Till now I have not allowed my daughter to venture out, but I am planning to take her out for cycling everyday, after some days.

  12. Never before was mess so happily welcome in our homes. Kids must now step out and enjoy these activities with their friends. Maybe we can join too?

  13. Natural home care products seem safer options for home based cleaning. I love to cook and so keeping kitchen clean with these Puer products look like a health friendly option.

  14. I like using cleaning products that have natural ingredients than chemical laden ones. Specially for dinner plates and utensils. This is a very good option. I will check this out.

  15. Summer vacations is all about going out and chilling and each vacation I use to take my kids to different places of Mumbai and around but sadly last 2 vacations they couldn’t go anywhere. And no vacation is complete with mangoes.

  16. That sounds quite a promising product from this brand. Although I haven’t heard about this brand yet I am intrigued to use it for my homecare. It is indeed absolutely okay to make a mess when it comes to kids 🙂

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