Creating your first image and Tips to Optimize Pins

Pinterest is a highly visual medium. This means you need pictures on your post if you wish them to be linked back to your board. However, just because you are dealing with topics or products that are not very visual should not stop you from utilizing Pinterest. Apart from great photos, you can use simple graphic designing tools like Canva to create images that can be pinned.

In the earlier post we saw how to create a Pinterest account. Now let’s proceed to create pinnable images.

What are pinnable images?

These are images that are optimized for Pinning on Pinterest. While you can pin any kind of images on Pinterest, the optimal image size is seen as images that are vertical and a bit long. For a long time it was believed that 736*1104 is the perfect size. Some even suggested having really long pins, however going by the current trend of 2018 that does not seem to be the case.

In the recent updates Pinterest is also showcasing square images. Overall maintaining a 2:3 ratio of the images is considered a good practice.

A Cheat Sheet for various acceptable Pinterest image sizes

Pinterest Image Sizes Pixel Dimensions
Long pins 600 x 1560 pixels
Medium pins 600 x 1260
Short pins 600 x 900 pixels
Square pins 600 x 600 pixels


However if you check Canva, it still shows Pinterest image size as – 735* 1102 and the Blog Graphic size is 800*1200 It is advisable that you create a custom dimension image and then copy the same sizing when creating Pinterest images.

Tips to Optimize the image for Pinterest

Name your images

Every image that you create should be named appropriately. Instead of just mentioning IMG_123, or Pic1 name the images the matter that it is trying to convey. As these images will be search engine friendly this is important in terms of SEO.

Remember Pinterest is part search engine and part social channel. It is also found on Google and definitely ranked much higher than your actual page/website. Make the most of it by ensuring that your images appear for the right keywords.

Add the headlines in your Pins

You have a lot of real-estate in terms of image space. Use it well by adding headlines so that your headline captures your reader’s attention.

When a person searches in Pinterest, she is looking for a pretty picture that is relevant to her search. For eg: If I am searching for Pinterest for blogging and if I see an image which has a headline “7 ways to drive crazy traffic to your blog with Pinterest” you are bound to check it out.

Optimize Pins

Optimizing images is something that is overlooked in the whole process of blog or website content creation. It is important that the images are optimized as images are also visible in search. When people are searching for a certain image, they will click on the same and visit your website.

Never upload the image or graphic as it is on the website. Always compress it with good compression tools. There are a lot of plugins available that are useful in image compression. Use these plugin’s to compress the images on the website.

The most important thing in image optimization is the Alt+ Text. Alt text tells the search engine what this image is about. Ensure that the image Alt text has keyword rich description.

Next is image description. If you are adding a Pinnable image on your website or blog, ensure that it has a keyword rich description. It is important because, when someone pins your image, the pinned image carries the same description into Pinterest.

Created your first Pin? Add the same on a relevant board and share it with me on Pinterest. Connect with Neha Tambe on Pinterest.

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