Some things are inevitable in a baby’s life and one of them is diaper rash which is an inflamed and irritated skin that appears reddish. For any parent, it is a sound alarm and you might be freaked out if you are a new parent.

As long as your baby is in diapers you are bound to expect diaper rash which annoys babies and they cry a lot which is stressful. Diaper rash are of many different types and thanks to the tips in this blog you will find the best way to deal with this painful problem.


Causes of Diaper Rash


Bacterial or yeast infection. Diapers cover the baby’s buttocks, genitals and thighs which are prone to attack by microorganisms because they are warm and moist. These conditions make it suitable for bacteria or yeast to thrive and they first develop in the creases of the skin and later on appear as red dots in their skin.

Use of antibiotics. Every human body has bacteria both the good ones and bad ones as well. Our babies are no exception and when we use antibiotics some kill the useful bacteria that prevent yeast growth. This results in rash due to yeast infections. Mothers need to restrict their use of antibiotics because they put their babies at risk of getting rash.

Sensitive skin. Skin conditions in babies such as eczema or atopic dermatitis help with developing diaper rash. These skin conditions are notorious in that they spread and develop in other areas other than the diaper area.

Irritation from stool and urine. There is a reason why babies need to be changed regularly. This is because prolonged exposure to stool and urine irritates their skin. Stool is more irritating than urine because it contains particular enzymes that commonly irritate the skin.

Irritation from a new product. Detergents, bleach, baby wipes, new disposable diaper and baby lotions can irritate the skin of your baby leading to diaper rash. There are a wide range of other products that you may use on your babies and might lead to diaper rash.

Rubbing or chafing. Some diaper rash is caused by tightfitting of clothing and diapers that rub hard against the skin. This hinders blood flow and their sensitive skin starts to develop red and inflamed skin.

How to Avoid Diaper Rash with Disposable Baby Diapers

Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash


Taking a preventive approach to deal with diaper rash is the best way to keep your baby’s bottom in shape. These simple strategies can help heal any existing rash or prevent new rash from occurring.

Change diapers often. Replacing a used diaper is key in preventing diaper rash. Used diapers dampen the skin which attracts rash-causing enzymes. Be sure to use the best diapers in India which will keep your baby’s bottom fresh. Also remember to use a chemical-free wipe to clean the baby bottom.

Loosen up. In as far as you want to prevent leaks make sure you leave a little space where the diaper is on. Tight diapers allow the skin to get warm and moist which attracts rashes, loosening up diapers can help prevent chafing at the thighs or waist.

Change diaper brands or types. The good thing about parenting is that it gives you the chance to experiment on different products. There are different types of diapers in the market and experimenting with each one at a time will help you find the one that works for your baby. You can try out cloth diapers and the best organic disposable diapers these will give your baby a completely different experience.

Use ointments regularly. To prevent diaper rash consider applying ointments during each diaper change. This will help their skin block that rash because the best diaper rash creams have a thick protective layer that prevents urine from irritating the rash. Before applying ointments make sure that the skin is dry and apply it gently on the skin.

Dodge irritants. Avoid any cause that may lead to skin irritation whether soaps, perfumes and certain clothing. Also, use washcloths and cotton balls which are preferred for newborns. The best diapers for newborn in India are produced with your baby’s skin interest at heart to ensure they lack any irritants.


To Wrap Things Up

Diaper rash is part of the baby’s package and we all need to come into terms with it. To make parenting hassle-free the guide above will help a lot with baby care. If the rash does not clear within a day or two you may check-in with your doctor. There is plenty you can do to prevent diaper rash and keep the breakouts at a minimum.

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How to Avoid Diaper Rash with Disposable Baby Diapers

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