Movie Marathon of supernatural action movies that made our Sibling reunion a hit!

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We are a mad bunch of cousins and siblings. The two things that are common between us is a love for reading and watching movies! For us, it is mostly supernatural action movies that make it to the watchlist. So, all of us were meeting after ages and were super excited about making our grand reunion a success. We were together only for a weekend and I didn’t want us to just eat and sleep. I wanted us to revive our old memories where we watched movies non-stop while enacting the scenes and dialogues from the movies, chit chatting and even lip-syncing popular dialogues (As I said we are a mad bunch!)

Such kind of leisure is only possible at home. Also the fact that my cousins were coming only for the weekend, we didn’t want to end up spending time in multiplexes. Then there was the factor of availability. We are okay with watching classics to the latest as long as they are our favourites! That’s when ZEE5 came to my rescue!

I looked up the action movies section and found a great list of movies that we had loved watching earlier. There were a few that we had missed and were looking forward to watching them like The Priest, The Legion and The Interview! My weekend was sorted!

Movie Marathon of supernatural action movies that made our Sibling reunion a hit!

The D day arrived and we already had a list to watch movies! The first on the list was Priest


Priest was a movie released in 2011 and revolved around the premise of an alternate world where there were regular wars between humans and vampires. A vampire hunter priest, who had vowed secrecy and non-hunting practices against vampires, breaks these vows and goes against the Church when his niece is kidnapped by a murderous pack of vampires. The movie was very promising and had a great star cast. The execution is wonderful and the movie manages to keep you on the edge, with all the special effects.

After this, the next movie on our list was Legion


Legion too started off with a lot of promise, especially with its take on the supernatural action genre with biblical themes. Released in 2010 this movie too had a powerful star cast. However, apart from the action scenes, there wasn’t much that excited us. But these movies worked well for our purpose as we could have our laughs, critic moments and chit chat while catching up on the action sequences, which were well executed.

We wanted to end the day on a fun note and hence decided to catch up on  The Interview.

The Interview

This was sarcasm at its best with a lot of action thrown in. The Interview released in 2014 and has some fantastic action and great humor throughout. Producer Aaron Rapaport and Dave Skylark run the celebrity tabloid show “Skylark Tonight” which finds an unlikely fan in North Korean dictator Kim- Jong-un.  The CIA considers this as an opportunity to plan an assassination bid. What follows is a hilarious attempt to blend in the role of assassinators, plan the assassination and try to escape from North Korea alive.

This movie was the perfect end we could have to an otherwise sci-fi heavy action movie marathon. Here’s the trailer of the movie if you haven’t watched it!

This movie marathon made our reunion memorable,  you can make your weekend memorable too with your friends and family, download and subscribe to ZEE5 now!



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26 thoughts on “Movie Marathon of supernatural action movies that made our Sibling reunion a hit!

    Ruchi Verma

    (October 31, 2018 - 8:53 am)

    You have listed some great movies which I want to watch from long …. Priest is one of them …I will sure watch it soon


      (November 1, 2018 - 1:59 pm)

      Have fun Ruchie


    (October 31, 2018 - 12:28 pm)

    I’m a die hard fan of paranormal and si-fi movies this list is just apt ang great i’ve watched all of them. I feel u left out Underworld which is a great movie too


      (November 1, 2018 - 1:59 pm)

      Thanks for the suggestion! Will check it out.


    (October 31, 2018 - 1:58 pm)

    I’m not really into supernatural movies but my husband is. Will share this list with him.


      (November 1, 2018 - 1:58 pm)

      Thanks for dropping by Mahak


    (October 31, 2018 - 3:56 pm)

    I am into scientific fictions buddy and I just loved to read the masti you did with your family which adds to the fun of watching your favourites.


      (November 1, 2018 - 1:58 pm)

      Thanks for reading Roma

    Jhilmil Bhansali

    (November 1, 2018 - 1:27 pm)

    Oh wow, how fun that would have been, leisurely sitting at home and watching series of movies that you love with family.


      (November 1, 2018 - 1:58 pm)

      Movie binging is fun!thanks for dropping by jhilmil

    Shraddha Bhalla

    (November 1, 2018 - 1:35 pm)

    Somehow I prefer supernatural shows to supernatural movies. But your list looks great. Will surely suggest these at our next cousin reunion


      (November 1, 2018 - 1:57 pm)

      wow! So you love to be on the edge for a longer time! I can’t handle beyond 3 hours 😛

    Shubhreet Kaur

    (November 1, 2018 - 5:02 pm)

    The Interview is one of my favourite movies too! I saw it when it released first years ago but have it on my external hard drive too. I think I might plan a movie binging night with my friends after reading your post! 😉

    U K

    (November 1, 2018 - 7:41 pm)

    Yes, have seen all the three movies and they are all awesome. Zee5 is doing a commendable job there.


    Deborah Miranda

    (November 2, 2018 - 11:30 am)

    Wow.. absolutely love the choice of movies. Am sure this would be a hit if i had to replicate the same choices. Love the interview.. an anytime watch for me.

    Pragnya Mishra

    (November 3, 2018 - 3:59 pm)

    I am not much of a action movie fan but I got my cousin who loves watching such genre. Would share this post with him.

    Nayantara Hegde

    (November 3, 2018 - 4:40 pm)

    I cannot watch horror movies at all. I am a total fattu. If i watch it then I will not sleep for days or even have guts to see the mirror. So ive stopped watching it now. I have to stay alone most of the times due to my husbands traveling job. And thats why I cannot be scared hahah


    (November 3, 2018 - 5:08 pm)

    For me, my cousins are more than siblings. And your post reminds me all those days when we gathered together and watch supernatural movies. Golden days of my life still.

    Ashvini Naik

    (November 3, 2018 - 5:23 pm)

    I haven’t watched any of these movies yet, Neha.

    And though I’m not a huge fan of action flicks, these still make me want to try them as their plots look promising from your description.

    Princy Khurana

    (November 3, 2018 - 7:59 pm)

    hi, i have all these movies, and what’s interesting is even i like these kinds of movies. its wonderful to know that Zee5 has such amazing options


    (November 3, 2018 - 8:06 pm)

    this list looks so good and it really best way to watch with your siblings ,truly amazing movies list


    (November 3, 2018 - 8:42 pm)

    I am not much into supernatural movies, though my hubby is and makes me watch a few too. He will surely love this list.

    Neha Jain

    (November 3, 2018 - 9:58 pm)

    I am not a Supernatural movie fan but will surely recommend one of my friend who loves watching these movies

    Deepa Rudraksha Jaisingh

    (November 4, 2018 - 11:09 am)

    Oh i love some movie time with my sibling as well. We mostly watched horror movies together.. Even the supernatural series.

    Shalu Sharma

    (November 4, 2018 - 8:10 pm)

    Thats a great list. I have watched all 3, but watching with buddy looks like a good Idea.


    (November 12, 2018 - 5:26 pm)

    Wow.. what a fun. The movie list that you have shared seems interesting. Might watch some of these.

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