Opportunities after degree in Mass Communication in India

Mass Communication is still a vague, somewhat glamorous entity for many! Most assume that you can be a journalist after completing a degree in mass communication. While that is true, mass communication is not limited to journalism or media. It is all things communication and as we discover new ways of communication from email to social media to even what’s app, there will be a growing opportunities for media research, planning, execution and even teaching.

We recently connected with Sutikshya Mallick to understand more about opportunities after Mass Communication.


What does Mass Communication include?

Well! To be precise – EVERYTHING! From advertising to PR, it involves all. Mass Communication is not limited to journalism alone and to a great extent, it is a modern reality which covers all aspects of life.

Popularly known as Mass Media, it primarily involves Journalism including Broadcast and Print, Media Management, Advertising, Public Relations, Developmental Communication, Video Production, Print Media Management and many more.

With the hashtag era, there are several areas that have come under mass communication such as Social Media Management, Digital Marketing etc.

What are the kinds of career options available under Mass Communication?

A professional course in mass communication caters to various career options such as Journalists and Correspondents (of different beats such as entertainment, business, political, sports etc.), web journalists, anchors, radio jockey, video producer, video editor, editors (involves writing and not to be confused with video editing), screenwriter, sound mixer, public relations manager, corporate communication, filmmakers, digital marketer, social media manager, photographers and many more.

Also, having a degree in mass communication open doors for media academicians, and researchers. You can also opt for teaching under a reputed institution.

How does one go about taking an admission for Mass Communication? 

Unlike engineering or medical streams, there is no unified examination for making a career in mass communication. All the universities conduct their separate entrance examinations for both graduate and post-graduate level.

Mass Communication is not restricted to any discipline (Science, Arts, or Commerce). Students after completion of higher secondary, can opt for it! However, good marks in English with first division is preferred in some colleges.

Even, if you are having a BTech or BSc degree, you can also opt for Masters in Mass Communication.

Opportunities galore after degree in Mass Communication
Career opportunities after Mass Communication degree

Lot of glamour is associated with careers in Mass Communication, your take on it?

Really common misconception. Sadly, it’s not true. Beyond all the glamour and glitz associated with it, the field also requires enormous efforts and sacrifice (personal life) to make it big.

Often people notice the finished product, and ignore the hard work behind making it!

A journalist needs to work astronomical hours in case of breaking or important coverage. Not only this, sometimes he/she have to stand under the scorching sun for interviews.

Remember, the path is thorny, and it will only bear gold if taken seriously.

What kind of aptitude or skills should one have to have a successful career in this field?

Patience, good communication and research skills, good reading and writing skills. Also, you should be a keen observer to analyze things in the changing scenario.

Always stick to the deadlines as it is a very challenging job (As rightly said –A deadline is a deadline, even if you are dead)

If you want to succeed in this field, be passionate about what you are doing as it’s not a 9 to 6 job, and have to spend long hours in the office to get things done (or may be not).

What kind of specializations can one take up while applying for Mass Communication?

While pursuing Mass Communication, one can opt for electronic media, broadcast journalism, public relations and advertising, media management and more.

Any tips or suggestions for those looking to take this up as a field of education?

Read, learn and ready to accept changes. Always try thinking out of the box! A true mass communication student will never satisfied with old and clichéd ideas.

Since there are no preset formulas, be an avid reader – read whatever you want (be it novel for polishing your vocabulary or newspapers and magazines for general knowledge).

Broaden your learning horizons (opt for internships as many as possible), and don’t afraid to take challenges (There are no weekends).

Interact with people, be spontaneous and flexible, creative and unique. Then Voila! You shouldn’t be giving a second thought before joining Mass Communication.

Be the Jack of All Trades, and Master of One…

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