Flu and the common cold are something that is easily confused by people. I was one of them and never realized that the flu can be dangerous. Recently, as I was helping my daughter with a science project I came to know about the difference. 

We were to collect statistics about common illnesses and that is when I came across some startling facts about influenza or flu.  For eg: Did you know – 

The flu pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the First World War?

And 100 years on, India remains as vulnerable to deaths by influenza as it was during the global pandemic.

This got me worried as according to this, the danger was closer home than expected and I seemed to be extremely ill-prepared for it! Another thing that I realized was flu and its related complications can cause death and children are at major risk of this disease.

And those who know me, know well that when I get worried about not knowing enough, I read up about it and that’s what I promptly did! While no one had flu in the house or even slight fever, ‘It is always better to be prepared’ is my motto.

So along with the school project, I started a project of my own – ‘To know well about the precautions that I can take to protect my child against flu.’

In the various papers, science articles and tips around precautions that I read, I realized the one thing that I can and should do to protect my children is getting them a flu shot!

What is a flu shot?

WHO recommends yearly vaccination for protection against seasonal influenza. This vaccination is created yearly based on the most common flu viruses in that specific flu season. Though this is a vaccination that needs to be taken every year, it can reduce the flu risk considerably. Such vaccinations help trigger antibodies in the body and reduce the risk by 40-60%

Antiviral drugs for Influenza, if given early may reduce severe complications and deaths.

Protect your child from Flu this season

Some other common precautions that can help tide over the flu season are

  1. Avoid close contact with sick people as the flu is highly contagious.
  2. If you have flu-like symptoms avoid going out or being in contact with other people. If you are the primary caregiver with symptoms, arrange for another caregiver and stay away from the children.
  3. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching nose, mouth or eyes
  4. Use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing. Dispose off the tissue immediately after use.
  5. Quit smoking as people who smoke have an aggravated response to viruses including flu.

Another important thing that you can do as a parent is to maintain a healthy immune system of your child. Including lots of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet will help maintain a good immune system. Apart from this, letting children play outside will help them get the necessary amount of Vitamin D which in turn helps improve immunity.

These are some really simple things that we as parents can do to protect our children this flu season. I am getting my kids a flu shot because #IPromiseToStopFlu. Are you?





20 Replies to “Do this one thing to protect your child from flu”

  1. India is facing trouble with Flu is due to its huge population and the tropical climate. The recommendation from WHO to give vaccination against seasonal Flu cannot be implemented in India because of the shortage of medical staffs and facility. All we can do is to take precautions to avoid the infection of flu virus for our children.

  2. It was such a dilemma for us whether to give flu shots to our twins or not. We decided to be safe than to later regret thus went ahead with it. A very informative article.

  3. Given the changing weather pattern nowadays and various other factors,we need to vaccinate our kids to protect from flu. Great advice to all the parents.

  4. Agree! Yearly Flu shots are the best way to protect our kids from flu attacks. It is not easy to differentiate between common cold and flu so it’s better to focus on the prevention.

  5. Flu is one of the most common illness that affect children during cold weather and vaccination is one of the best way to protect them. we had done flu vaccination for our both girls.

  6. It’s so important to understand the difference between flu and cold … important is to get vaccinated !!Thanks for sharing this!!

  7. Very relevant post. My doc recommended to get a flu shot every year. Not just for kids but for the entire family. It is so imp and we often tend to ignore it.

  8. No doubt prevention is better than cure. And thank for clearing many doubts about flu vaccine, indeed this has become need of the time now.

  9. A must-read and very relevant post given the condition of today’s time. Prevention is definitely better than cure and a flu shot is an absolute must. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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