When we say founders of NGO, what comes to mind is typically 50+ something people working towards the betterment of underprivileged by hosting or organizing workshops? But the millennials aren’t too far behind.  Meet Chinmayee Sukthankar and Neha Agarwal, founders of Corvee Foundation, an organization that focuses on empowering women towards self-sustenance and helping them with employment opportunities.

Meet the Founders

Chinmayee Sukthankar  is a certified graphic design professional and an MBA.

Neha Agarwal is a Human resource professional with an active interest in social service.

Founders of Corvee Foundation Pune

With their hearts in the right place, these girls teamed up to utilize their individual skills for the betterment of underprivileged women. With a shared passion and having role models like Dr. BABA Amte and Rahul Deshmukh, Chinmayee and Neha started their journey with Corvee.

Motivation behind establishing Corvee Foundation

Since 2002 with individual experiences of around 15 years working in various verticals as a volunteer, we had seen the women struggle at close quarters. Our association with well-established NGO’s like Snehankit, NAWPC, Anandwan, helped us deeply relate with problems of ladies and their struggle in life, motivated us to form our own NGO Corvee Foundaiton. Under this many like-minded people like us, have come together and designed activities while keeping Women Empowerment at its heart.

  • In 2014 we started our NGO activities by making handmade products which helped us to raise funds for NGO’s like NAWPC & Snehankit Association for Non-Seeing friends.
  • In 2016 we started conducting free training workshops for underprivileged   women from rural and urban areas on mass scale.

Success Stories from Corvee Foundation


She comes from a Scheduled cast Gawali family and to support her husband’s earnings, she has gained knowledge over 3 continuous years and now can teach other needy women who come in our foundation. She can now have her own savings eventually providing support to her family.


She too comes from a lower-class background and no support from her Husband. She worked as a daily help in people’s homes, however her husband harassed her for money and wasted all her savings in drinking. She tried to kill herself, unable to bear this daily abuse.

Corvee is supporting her for 5 years. She left her husband and now, she has gained confidence and made new friends. She has found a job as a helper job in a local school. She also helps making beautiful Corvee products whenever she gets time.

While many might complain that the millennials are full of themselves, it is not really true! These girls have chosen an offbeat path thereby empowering hundreds of women and enriching their souls.

Products made at Corvee Foundation

Products made by women at Corvee Foundation

  • Handmade Eco Products
  • Festive Gifting
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Stationery
  • Utility Products

You can help by buying these products, or considering them for corporate or personal gifting. Do visit their website to know more about them www.corveefoundation.org

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  1. I am so impressed and inspired to know about these two wonder girls who are undoubtedly doing a fabulous job!! Loved the handmade products you shared!!

  2. Now this is highly inspirational and admirable. It also presents another example of women e6and enforcement. Glad I read this piece.

  3. Amazing and beautiful post. These girls are inspiring and empowering women. Corvee foundation come up with great handmade products ideas. Great thoughts.

  4. Both of these superwomen are doing a wonderful job. I will surely check out the handmade products. Feeling so motivated now. Thanks for sharing a word about them!

  5. Very sorry for the late reply.
    Special thank you to Ruchi Verma, Aishwarya Iyengar, Nisha, Rahul Prabhakar, Humaira, Docdivatraveller, Purnima, for all your lovely wishes and motivating us to work for more and more needy women.

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