Meaning of love in today's world

Bollywood or the entertainment industry overall has been eternally obsessed with ‘love’ and meaning of love. Uncountable love songs and the super hit mushy romantic couples are a proof of it.

Love and Marriage

The whole industry runs on the idea of romance and love and while they might showcase a lot of progressive scenarios and stories around love, the idea of a wife is still clichéd! The wife needs to be suitable for the boy and if the man ‘progresses’ and the wife remains a docile homemaker, then the husband can easily have an extra marital affair or he can walk out on the would-be wife at the wedding mandap!

Reel Lover

The cinema and daily soaps have no qualms about showing a woman who is strong headed, ready to wait before taking a plunge or even a single parent. They can wonderfully portray a woman who is ready to do what it takes to make it big in her field, yet when they showcase a wife, she is always expected to behave in a certain way.

Reel Wife

Is the woman of today so naïve that she will remain a doormat and try and woo her husband back in a loveless marriage? Should she even try doing it when she knows that the husband’s expectations end at her appearances and she will have to keep trying to be someone she probably isn’t, just to please the man?

Woman of Today

I think the woman of today understand the true meaning of love. They know and understand that love and marriage is all about companionship and respect. One cannot exist without the other. Why can’t a wife be a go-getter who can give the husband the boot and move on in life?

In fiction, the serial Majhya Navryachi Baykocurrently tries to showcase the strong aspect of a wife who actually kicks the husband out of his house and starts her own business.

majhya Navryachi Bayko

Similarly, the other woman Shanaya is shown as a clichéd gold digger who is okay to be in a live in relationship with a married man but has no interests of marrying him. This contrast in characterization is something that very few movies and TV shows have been able to achieve.

These differing perspectives are much needed as we can’t look at love and marriage from the tinted glasses of societal approval.  Every person has different shades to his character and if our entertainment industry is attuned to showcasing that, we will definitely have much stronger and impactful characters like the ones seen in Majhya Navryachi Bayko!


21 Replies to “Meaning of Love and its evolution in recent times”

  1. I so agree with your views, Neha! It’s high time that the entertainment industry starts changinging it’s script and characterisation for done to death stereotypes! As for the serial, it sounds so refreshing and interesting! Going to catch it on ZEE5 soon! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  2. Seems like an interesting show. Will spread the word. It’s high time society breaks away from gender roles and does something unconventional. This show looks like a step in that direction!

  3. Hi Neha,
    With growing opportunities and ways to portray ones skills. It’s high time people change notions about basic/ in built skills in a person. Especially in house wives.

  4. Agree with your point of view about love and relationship in entertainment industry. Reality is far away from the mushy stories and roaming around trees singing romantic numbers. The show sounds refreshing.

  5. I agree with you Neha about the cliched roles our entertainment industry portrays about married women. And it’s high time that they bring a change in this. Looking forward to watching this show.

  6. Nice article and i am totally agree with your views! Good that entertainment industry starts changing. Seems like great show and i am looking forward to see it.

  7. So agree with your views. Our entertainment industry need to spread across the right messages through its shows. Will surely check this show out.

  8. I agree relationship dynamics are changing with changing time. I clearly see the difference between even my mom’s and my idelology when it comes to marriage & relationships. I haven’t watched the mentioned series though, but it looks like something worth watching.

  9. First up, am really impressed with the categorisation of your blog posts. For a versatile writer, it can be quite difficult and you have managed it with ease! The show you have written about is quite a hit. I remember some girls discussing it in office on their coffee break. It sounds interesting.

  10. Isn’t it so heartening Neha that a smaller entertainment industry is bringing about this change. I absolutely love Marathi shows and movies. I remember one serial called Unch Majha Jhoka and movies like Kaaksparsh and even the superhit Sairaat. They presented such unique perspectives and simple love stories in such an eye opener manner. I’m proud that I am watch such shows

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