I know you guys must have read many posts around this topic, but believe me, I am not here to share any tips or give you ideas. So, if that is what you are looking for, please hop off right now!

I am not the awesome mom whose insta page is filled with DIY; kids and mom sharing cuddly lovable moments while being dressed to kill. I don’t have endless pictures or blog posts for that matter about spending quality time with children while looking like a daydream.

In my defence, I do not have kids who are vying for the ‘most ideal child’ title!

My life in the pandemic is more like this

I am a PJ wearing, fizzy haired, multi-tasking mom who is shouting hoarse to get one child in her online class while trying to get the other to eat his food without spilling! I am like a cross between Gloria and Claire from the Modern Family (sans the gorgeousness and the fitness!)

parenting and surviving lockdown


I am making tons of food and a lot of it is fab looking and tasty, but before I remember to click a picture, half the food is gone! I have a newfound admiration for my little diva’s metabolism and exasperated hopelessness with the young scientist’s disregard for anything food! The guy lives on air while the diva is hungry after every period of the online class!


I was never a fitness freak, but I had my share of long walks in the morning. The normal walks, running behind kids and getting them in and out of their school and classes was all the exercise that I ever did and that seemed to be fine, but with this pandemic, I am not getting that mundane regular life. I miss the ‘me time ‘ during morning walks, I miss the gossip on the bus stop or at the play area. I liked this daily concoction of entertainment with some fitness thrown in.

Mommy is all-knowing

It should feel empowering but it feels clingy! Kids seem to forget they have a father! It is always Mom this… and mom that… Tell them to get the father involved and they are back in 5 min! Apparently, he doesn’t get anything that is important in their life! The little scientist can still spend some time with the husband talking dinos and space but the diva just rolls her eyes. I feel like I have to be present to listen, talk, entertain and even fight with my kids! It is frustrating, to say the least.

Time for download

After all this I get a download of all things that are interesting – films, actors, space, dino’s, serials, music, history, maths, GK, latest novels etc. My interest in the topic is irrelevant and I need to be attentive at all times. Another problem is the random questions that are fired at all hours and I am expected to know the answers for all the random things under the sun! I think my kids think I am the Alexa – (not the blogging one, the voice search one!) I can be asked to name 3 types of dinosaurs and critique on the singing talents of Alia Bhat in the same breath!

My brain is fuzzy remembering a zillion things and trying to get things done before the online classes and my office meetings. I am starting to miss the time alone and I curse the corona wholeheartedly for taking that away from me!

Why am I writing about it?

As a marketer, I can say that I dare to write about this mundane life as I want moms to be seen as human, or something dramatic to that effect but the fact of the matter is, though this must be the story of 80% of the moms out there, they don’t have a blog and I do so I can write about this. Are you in the 80% or 20%?

8 Replies to “Surviving lockdown and parenting in times of Corona”

  1. Bravo! This is real life of course.. we’ve all lived through this crazy time so far. Just hanging in there is enough.

  2. Glad that you wrote about the life of a mom. Children want mother to solve all their problems and that sometimes irritate us. But at the same time, it’s mother who enjoys doing all the chores for children:)

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