Once Upon a Crush – A Book Review

Once Upon a Crush is a lighthearted book that is part chic-lit and part romance. Written by Kiran Manral, the book is published by leadstartcorp. Priced at Rs.195 the book has 224 pages and is available in all major online book stores. Book Blurb – Rayna De, stuck in a dead-end job with a boss […]

Tarikshir a mytho historic fantasy thriller

Tarikshir a historic fantasy thriller – A Book Review

I have been running like a headless chicken for quiet sometime now. Yeah! that’s what happens when both your kids start formal school and none have any seriousness about studying! So, in between getting my kids in school, begging them to study and my work I hardly could find any time to read! This is […]

An inspiring journey of a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a sports journalist.

My Journey from Mohali to St. Petersburg – A Book Review

  This is a factual book about a 13 year old girl’s journey from Mohali to St. Petersburg for football! A chance visit to the local branch of Bank of Baroda opened an exciting new world for Ananya. Here’s my book review about it. Book Blurb My Journey from Mohali to St. Petersburg is the […]

book review of The Cockatiel Confessions and Other Collected Works

The Cockatiel Confessions and Other Collected Works – A book review

About the Author About the author: Lavanya Srinivasan is a chartered accountant who currently works for an international bank. She is passionate about world mythology and fantasy tales. She has previously authored two fantasy thrillers: “Maya & the Mind Mystics” & “The God, The Girl & The Gem”.   Book Blurb: Do you know why […]

A book review of The Golden Rainbow. It is a collection of short stories, mostly from the city of Kolkata.

Book Review – Golden Rainbow – Short Stories by Balaka Basu

This book review is part of the Blogchatter ebook carnival. I am reviewing my second book ‘Golden Rainbow – Short Stories by Balaka Basu’ You can check the first book review here About the Author A full time mother and a part time blogger is how she defines herself. After doing her MA in journalism […]

How #BlogchatterEbook Carnival changed my life – Blogger to Author

I take on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Reema whose e-book ‘Peiskos’ is also part of the mix. About Reema’s e-book: Peiskos is the feeling one gets when sitting in front of a fireplace enjoying its warmth. We remember pieces of life that seem ordinary but often bring along a sense of warmth. Here are 26 such […]

A book review of Parenting Mysteries unveiled for new age parents

Parenting Mysteries unveiled for new age parents- A Book Review

This post is a book review of a fellow blogger turned author with blog chatter’s e-book carnival. As part of the Blogchatter e-book carnival, I am reviewing my first book ‘Parenting Mysteries unveiled for new age parents’ About the Author This book is written by Meenal and Sonal are blogging sisters and friends who blog […]